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At All Kids First, we believe that our High/Scope Curriculum will help children become self-reliant problem-solvers who can set their own goals, and follow through on them independently. We work towards this goal by offering children opportunities, within a carefully planned routine, to work and play independently, to make choices, to pursue their own interests, and to solve problems that may arise during the process.

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The focus throughout the school day is on children's own choices and decisions, guided and supported by adults who are aware of the children's developmental needs. Preschool programs that encourage children's self-directed learning have a positive impact by building a strong foundation of self-confidence for a future full of learning opportunities.

What We Believe Is What We Do

Certain principles under our basic philosophy: Respect, Commitment, Quality of Service, Holistic Approach and Professionalism.

  • Provide learning centers that encourage interrelationships of various content areas
  • Be arranged to accommodate active and quiet activities. Provide free access to materials.
  • Provide places for children to be alone or with a friend in view of an adult.
  • Encourage curiosity, new ideas and fantasy through exploration and sensory/art experiences.
  • Provide a variety of manipulatives to stimulate problem solving. Stimulate all areas of development through dramatic play and storytelling.
  • Provide a variety of musical experiences to encourage listening, singing, expression and flow of movement.
  • Provide individual and small group experiences both indoors and outdoors.
  • Be flexible in order to determine all areas of interest are included (e.g., multidimensional, investigative, choice, inventive and confidence building).
  • Incorporate the outdoor environment (leaves, sound) into the classroom for creative activities that stimulate language, listening and other senses.
  • Provide props, materials, nutritional foods, interactive opportunities and independent experimentation.
  • Integrate all educational aspects of the health, nutrition and mental health services into program activities.
  • Ensure that the home and the classroom are an extension of the community by providing opportunities for field trips and/or special visitors and parent participation.

For more details about our High/Scope Curriculum and the key experiences fundamental to the development of preschool children, click here.

Learning Activities

Planned and spontaneous activities.

Individual and/or small group oriented.

Children are encouraged to pursue their own interests and make choices.

Fully certified teaching staff in a classroom based environment.

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Playing Activities

Indoor and outdoor playgrounds for year round physical activity programs.

2000 square feet of indoor space for play activities and social development.

Classrooms explore the outdoors via our train, exposing them to nature and our environment.

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