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In the All Kids First infant and toddler room, children are exposed to the High Scope Curriculum at a very early age. They participate in active learning using many different materials and manipulatives. Toddlers have opportunities to express their feelings in a safe and secure environment, one filled with attention, caring and love.

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This is the beginning of your child's journey through life. With All Kids First, it can be a journey that is filled with learning, decision-making, problem and solving and growing self-confidence.

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All Kids First offers free wrap around programs, paid for by the state during the school year from September to June. Click Here for more information and eligibility levels.

Learning Activities

Planned and spontaneous activities.

Individual and/or small group oriented.

Children are encouraged to pursue their own interests and make choices.

Fully certified teaching staff in a classroom based environment.

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Playing Activities

Indoor and outdoor playgrounds for year round physical activity programs.

2000 square feet of indoor space for play activities and social development.

Classrooms explore the outdoors via our train, exposing them to nature and our environment.

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