A Healthy Play Experience

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At All Kids First, children are encouraged to develop their large motor skills. Activities such as running, sliding, climbing, and many physical skills are addressed with our four playgrounds. As part of our High/Scope curriculum, movement and expressing creativity through movement is stressed. We address both locomotor (running, jumping, skipping) and non-locomotor (bending, twisting, rocking) skills.

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During inclement weather, All Kids First provides an indoor playground. The room is spacious, over 2000 square feet of space, filled with fun items such as foam blocks, soft mats, bouncy balls and a large jungle gym. Daily physical routines can help a child develop strong social and emotional skills, as well as physical.

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Combining learning with outdoor play and exploration is a very special feature at All Kids First. Classrooms explore our natural woods on a fully paved path by way of our train ride and by taking adventure walks, exposing them to the wonders of nature and our environment. Birds, frogs, squirrels and other animals are found here and explored.

Learning Activities

Planned and spontaneous activities.

Individual and/or small group oriented.

Children are encouraged to pursue their own interests and make choices.

Fully certified teaching staff in a classroom based environment.

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Playing Activities

Indoor and outdoor playgrounds for year round physical activity programs.

2000 square feet of indoor space for play activities and social development.

Classrooms explore the outdoors via our train, exposing them to nature and our environment.

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